Garage Door Security

January 13, 2021

n most homes, when it comes to security, garage doors are the forgotten relative. When folks install security systems for their homes, they forget about the garage door.

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house around lock

How to Avoid Locking Yourself Out of Your House

December 14, 2020

It happens to the best of us, especially these days with juggling so many things at one time. Locking yourself out of your house. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. You can be that person. That person who’s organized and prepared for anything, and it’s easy. There are things you can do ahead of time to prevent this misadventure from happening to you. Even if you’re not organized and prepared in the rest of your life, you can be here.

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Happy Locksmith Working on a Door

So You Want to Be a Locksmith?

November 12, 2020

If you are looking for a flexible, steady career, consider becoming a locksmith. For more details, contact our team.

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Close-up portrait of thinking child looking away with curious facial expression.

Should I Call a Locksmith?

October 16, 2020

Most residential locks are complex mechanisms, and trying to manipulate your lock without a proper key can lead to more expensive damage and problems down the road. By relying on a professional locksmith, you can get back into your home quickly and even have a spare key made in the meantime.

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A small model house with a padlock sitting in front | Should You Have a Pro Locksmith Install Your Locks? | St. Clair Shores

Should You Have a Professional Locksmith Install Your Residential and Commercial Locks?

September 17, 2020

In our increasingly independent, do-it-yourself (DIY) society where a brief YouTube video can show you how to do just about anything, it’s easy to believe you can change your residential or commercial locks yourself. Doing things on your own have the advantage of appearing to save you money or time, but in some cases, it’s not the best course of action.

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how master key systems work, key in door lock

How A Master Key System Works

August 14, 2020

So many keys, so many locks. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of keys in your business or organization, it may be time to consider a master key system.

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safe combination wheel close up

Commercial Safes 101

July 13, 2020

Generally speaking, a commercial safe is more difficult to break into and more fire resistant than a residential safe. While a commercial safe is also a bit pricier than a residential safe, it’s hard to put a dollar sign on peace of mind.

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Senior woman uses keypad on digital lock to unlock and open domestic front door

Residential Keyless Entry Locks

June 15, 2020

Here in St. Clair Shores, MI, many of our homeowners have already updated from their traditional locksets to keyless entry locks. And why not? These types of locks typically offer higher levels of convenience and security. Here at Preferred Safe & Lock, our professional locksmiths are installing more and more of them on a regular basis.

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happy couple changing door lock

The Future of Locksmithing: No More Keys

May 15, 2020

Our Preferred Safe & Lock team would love to provide you a keyless lock for your home or business here in St. Clair Shores and surrounding areas.

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What Are Common Lock Problems?

April 13, 2020

At Preferred Safe & Lock, we know how to patch things up between you and your door lock. We offer a wide selection of quality products and services to help keep you and your family safe and secure in your St. Clair Shores home.

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