How Do I Remove My Lock From the Door?

Dead bolt used by a locksmith.

We are often asked; how do you remove a lock from a door? There are many answers to that question, because of the many different brands of locks. Here is a general procedure you can follow as a first step. Removing a door lock can be as simple as removing a few screws. Where people sometimes have trouble is locating the screws they need to remove. For decorative and safety reasons, many lock manufacturers “hide” the screws behind metal plates. Figuring out how to remove the decorative plates can take a bit of detective work and trial and error. Be careful not to use too much force if you plan on using the lock again.

Easy to follow Instructions:

1.Unlock the door and open it.

2.Remove any screws that are visible. Check both sides of the door as well as on the side of the door where the metal latch plates are located. This step may be all that is necessary to remove the lock.

3.Look at the handle, underneath the handle or lock and on the surface of the lock for any grooves that would fit a small screwdriver or awl. When screws are not visible, they are usually covered by a cover that can be removed by inserting a small screwdriver into the groove and popping it off. It might also be held in place by a tiny screw known as a “set screw” that has to be loosened. In rare cases, you may simply need to pull it off.

4.Remove any additional screws you find “hidden” on the door lock.

5.Begin to disassemble the lock once the screws are removed. Simply pull it away from the door. This includes pulling out the latch from the side of the door.

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